Workcred releases the Manufacturing Credentials Report

  Workcred Announces Manufacturing Credentials Report

3. August 2018 To strengthen the quality, value, and effectiveness of manufacturing records in the US, Workcred, a subsidiary of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has published a report released by the Hollists Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MIP) is funded to examine how credentials are currently used in recruitment and retention practices and how skills can be improved to drive manufacturing [19659003] The Report Investigating the Quality, Market Value and Effectiveness of Acknowledgments in the United States is available for free download on the Workcred and MEP websites and includes recommendations for several stakeholders, including manufacturers and credentialing organizations, educators, accreditors, and policymakers.

The study found that credentials are needed in the manufacturing industry and are not routinely needed or used as a major factor in recruitment or promotion decisions. Many manufacturers do not know what credentials are available or how they are relevant to their workplace. Often, they do not see credentials as the most relevant tools for identifying new skilled workers or as incentives to improve the quality of their existing workforce. Remarkably, the manufacturers believed that the qualifications could serve as a critical resource if they were better understood and better adapted to the skills needed in their facilities.

Based on findings from survey participants and focus groups, the A provides a wide range of manufacturing sectors, farm sizes, geographic regions, and professional roles providing insights into the usage and evaluation of credentials by the industry at a time when US manufacturers have a mismatch between qualification offer and demand. According to a Deloitte report, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs are expected over the next decade, with 2 million jobs expected to be lost.

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Recognitions, which are increasingly recognized as valuable solutions to skill mismatch, can vary from certificates and certifications to licenses, degrees, badges, and microcreditors. For the US manufacturing industry, increasing the quality of the references can help increase the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the labor market and improve the quality of the US workforce.

The report contains recommendations for credentialing and stakeholder areas:

  • Improving understanding of content, usage, and value of credentials
  • Extending the use of credential quality standards
  • Strengthening relationships between employers, training providers, and eligibility organizations
  • Creating an employability skills component for existing and new credentials
  • Creating credentials that are performance-oriented and address new roles
  • Increase the number of apprentices and expand apprentice training to include more occupations

Workcred The research with a NIST sponsorship prize is through in the US Department of Commerce. Since 1988, NIST MEP has been working to strengthen manufacturing in the US by improving the competitiveness of US companies. Through its national network, the program makes manufacturing technologies, processes and services available to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

 Workcred releases the Manufacturing Credentials Report

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