World-class machine at bauma

Concrete machinery manufacturer Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) has developed the world's first precast concrete machine to be unveiled at this year's bauma CONEXPO AFRICA, PMSA General Manager Walter Ebeling Engineering News .

The Ultra 3000 is an advanced, completely new construction of a concrete product machine that produces bricks, maxi stones, hollow bricks and paving.

With a production board of 1.4 m × 1 m, it offers a high production capacity of concrete products of 35 mm to 500 mm thickness. The Ultra 3000 can produce 250,000 bricks in a single pass when it is ultimately manufactured, compared to its predecessor, which only produced 140,000 to 160,000 bricks.

The Ultra 3000 is made up of different components and combines the latest global technologies "We are proud to be able to produce the fastest, most stable and highest quality concrete products any machine in the world can produce," says Ebeling.

One of the most notable components is the servo-driven, four-motor vibrating system that allows the machine to have independent vibration independent frequency and vibration independent variable force. Manipulating the independent force and frequency of vibration is the element that allows the user to tailor the machine to produce the desired product from the machine program.

The power consumption of the machine is much lower compared to a conventional two-motor system. The motors do not stop and start during operation, but move continuously. "This is a technological advancement, as the energy created when the engines are decelerated is controlled and reintroduced, reducing the machine's power consumption and increasing its environmental friendliness." The Ultra 3000 generates enormous power but requires very little energy. "

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The" innovative "vibration system, coupled with other features of the machine, allows high compression of the products. "We believe this will enable customers to produce high-quality, high-quality products that reduce the amount of cement needed and ultimately result in a more profitable product and higher production capacity."

Still a high value The hydraulic components of the system control the machine functions and make the machine as fast as possible.

The components of the machine are integrated via a programmable logic controller (PLC) of the Beckhoff automation supplier

The PLC, programmed by PMSA, knows and communicates with each component and its movements. Due to the high processing speed of Beckhoff technology, the PLC responds quickly to signals and problems, resulting in a fast, accurate and efficient machine.

The controller has a dual modular redundancy communication system for all sensors on the machine. So if a cable becomes faulty, it can communicate with those sensors over the second.

"As the largest company in our field, it is important for us to participate in the bauma, and we see it as the ideal platform for launching our new product," says Ebeling.

The company has participated in both previous versions of the fair in 2013 and 2015. The PMSA stand will be located in Hall 5, where a range of company products and its suppliers' products will be represented

Proseal, a new sealant product that can be applied to concrete in a wet or semi-cured condition to seal a surface; self-loading mixers; and the production boards manufacturer MyWood's composite range, a new production board that creates a smooth, hard surface for product longevity, will also be on display, emphasizes PMSA marketing and sales manager Quintin Booysen Fifteen of the company's European suppliers have confirmed that there will be one representative at the event, with Booysen indicating that these representatives are usually owners of the respective businesses.

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In addition, PMSA will demonstrate the performance of several machines in the demarcated arena. including the vehicles, dumpers and mixers truck manufacturers and suppliers Fiori self-loading 4 × 24 concrete mixer trucks, and grinding and maintenance systems manufacturers and suppliers HTCs softeners floor grinding and polishing machine.

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