YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

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1-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-FMS5G-917DJ/D4/M01
2-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-FMS5G-917DN/FN15/D4/ A
3-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-EMS5G-917DN/FS1/D4/M 01
4-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-EMS5G-917NN/KF22/D4/ X2/HE
5-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-FMS5G-917DJ/D4/M01/T 13/X2
6-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-FMS5G-91DDN/KSB26/D4
7-YOKOGAWA DP Transmitter EJX110A-EMS5G-917DN/FS1/D4/M 01/T13


YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter Overview

The EJX-A series is Yokogawa’s premium performance line of DPharp transmitters. Released in 2004, it offers the performance and stability needed in demanding applications. The EJX-A series performance makes it the thoroughbred of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters.

The EJX110A is the traditional-mount Differential Pressure Transmitter in the series.

EJX110A features include:

  • ± 0.04% Accuracy (0.025% Accuracy option available)
  • ± 0.1% per 15 years Stability
  • 90 ms Response Time
  • 3,600 psi MWP
  • Exida and TUV SIL2 / SIL3 Certified
  • Local Parameter Setting (LPS)


Plants run better with Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters

At it’s heart, Yokogawa’s Differential Pressure Transmitter with DPharp digital sensor offers the performance and device intelligence needed to get greater insight into your process.

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

Digital Performance

Yokogawa’s DPharp digital sensor offers twice the performance and stability of the competitor’s analog sensors. The DPharp uses the latest in IC Chip-style design and manufacturing technology. Analog sensors are based on older design technology. Although analog sensors are good, the modern DPharp sensor out performs them. A Yokogawa transmitter with DPharp digital sensor technology provides the consistent, reliable, accurate measurements you need.

Poor Performance = Lost Money

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Accuracy Under All Operating Conditions

Yokogawa’s DPharp sensor has the ability to measure the differential pressure (DP), static pressure (SP), and sensor temperature from a single sensor. Giving these three pieces of process data, the EJX110A transmitter can compensate the DP measurement for Temperature Effect and Static Pressure Effect in real time. This is referred to as Dynamic Compensation and improves the DP measurement accuracy. Competitor’s analog sensors can only measure DP and Sensor temperature. So, theirs can compensate for temperature Effect; but, since the SP measurement is missing, it cannot compensate for Static Pressure Effects.

Poor Performance = Lost Money

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter


Stability Under All Operating Conditions

To some degree, all pressure sensors on the market provide stable measurement with variations in temperature and static pressure. But what happens when the sensor is over-pressured (pressure > sensor Upper Range Limit (URL)) – like occurs when a manifold is incorrectly sequenced during start-up or shutdown? Or a process upset? Analog sensors are actually damaged during these events requiring the transmitter to be recalibrated to return to accurate operation or even replaced. The EJX110A can withstand overpressure events up to 3,600 psi. Once it returns to normal operating pressure (pressure < URL of the sensor), the transmitter will return to operation within the defined accuracy and stability specifications – no need to recalibrate.  Basically, the Yokogawa DPharp sensor has a larger operational envelope compared to an analog sensor.

Poor Performance = Lost Money

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter Diagnostics

The EJX110A has 40 self-diagnostic checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly within the transmitter. But, all transmitters on the market have a level self-diagnostic checks. However, Yokogawa has two that are not offered by competitors. First, the transmitter features a patented back-check technology that reverse checks all calculations in real-time. Second, the DPharp sensor is an active sensor. This means that the sensor is constantly supplying a signal even when the process has not changed. If the signal is lost from the sensor, the transmitter knows there is an issue. Competitor’s analog sensors are passive. They do not supply a continual signal, so, is the sensor still working when there is no signal?

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Good Diagnostics = Fewer Surprises

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
YOKOGAWA EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

Source: Yokogawa co.

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