ZW3D Announces ZW3D 2018 SP CAD / CAM Design Solution

  ZW3D announces CAD-CAM solution ZW3D 2018 SP

16. May 2018 – ZW3D, a supplier of CAD / CAM solutions to the manufacturing industry, announced the global adoption of the ZW3D 2018 SP in more user-friendly CAD / CAM design with productivity improvements

Special options are added in the translator to 2D and 3D Design to bridge. ZW3D 2018 SP allows users to export the view of each component as a block in DWG format.

The translator supports the latest mainstream formats such as SolidWorks 2018, SolidEdge ST10, Invertor V2018, etc. Additional imported graphics data, such as Catia's * .3DXML file, * .cgr, can be exported as an STL file.

With over 250 bugs fixed, the latest version is more stable and easier to use in everyday use. The exemption of users of waste operations always represents the pursuit of ZW3D.

Given practical situations, rather small CAM settings are available for error reduction in manufacturing. For example, the surface feature for QM operation supports offset normal; The Heidenhain 3X Post Processor Supports Tool Radius Compensation Function

ZW3D CAM 2019 introduces VoluMill's 2-3 axis rough milling capabilities. ,

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