ZW3D donates CAD / CAM software licenses to the Korean University

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  ZW3D donates CAD / CAM software licenses to the Korean University

12. June 2018 – ZW3D, a supplier of CAD / CAM solutions to the manufacturing industry, announced that the INHA University (Korea) will receive access to 300 free licenses for ZW3D software and training, which is the commitment of ZW3D to the development of ZW3D Underline Design and Manufacturing Competencies

This gift is designed to help students bring experience and understanding to their new careers.

Students will work to master 3D modeling skills. In addition, CAM functions such as 2-axis turning and 2-5-axis hole milling, as well as tool functions such as parts library and non-rigid mold separation are available to turn ideas into reality.

In addition, quick technical assistance and plenty of video tutorials are very useful for students to get started.

INHA University (INHA) has contributed significantly to the high-quality education of well-educated people, the development of advanced technology in Korea for 61 years.

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